Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Commence Mustachification!

There comes a time in every man's life when he decides it appropriate to grow the most hideous form of facial hair possible - the mustache. For most, that time is fatherhood; for me, that time is now. I have agreed to participate in a bet of epic proportions, and the terms of said bet will make a mustachioed man out of me.

And what are the terms of this deal? Let's lay them out:

1. I, Ed K-----k, began growing a mustache on November 8th, 2007.
2. I must grow this mustache until February 29th, 2008 WITHOUT trimming.
3. I must be clean-shaven (minus the mustache) during this period.
4. Upon completion of this bet on February 29th, I will be paid $3000 by a consortium of coworkers.
5. I reserve the right, following our company Christmas party (December 15th) to abandon this bet without penalty. Should I abandon the bet prior to the Christmas party, I must wear a dress to the party.

And there you have it. Them's the rules, this here's the chronicles. Enjoy the photo progression, and please throw some questions/comments my way. I'll be double logging this event for the ages on both Facebook and blogger (for the facebookally challenged).

Fear not; just because I will have a dirty mustache does not in any way make me a pedophile, cop, cowboy, or porn star. Nor does it make me a member of the Village People - It will simply taint my otherwise beautiful face. Every man has his price, and I've decided that $3,000 is about the amount I'm comfortable looking like a sexual predator for.

Commence mustachification!

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